I'm Nora!!!

Born and raised in Calgary, AB! I once swore I would leave behind our little cow town, but to say I've fallen in love with this city would be an understatement - the urban city living that spans both new and historic architecture, the ever upcoming list of hot spots to dine (and shoot at!), and the short drive to so many incredible landscapes! I've been shooting for 3 years here and keep finding new jaw dropping spots!

The girl with the oranges tattoo

That's not to say the travel bug didn't bite me hard! I'm always booking flights to my next destination, whether that's out west to visit my better half, south to some of the eccentric cities in the states, or my fave...over to Europe to bask in it's history and culture!! I love to travel for weddings and elopements, it feeds my wanderlust while letting me capture your precious memories in far off places! Wherever you'll have me to celebrate a new chapter of your love story, I'll be there!!

Let's be real, weddings are a party!! They might be a loud energetic dance party or an intimate & cozy gathering but they are a celebration of your love! Any way you cut it, I would call it a party!

Less like a fly and more like a chameleon

You might expect your photographer to be a fly on the wall, especially if you want them to capture authentic and candid moments on your day. However, in my experience, fly's are hella annoying.. I personally like to think of myself as a chameleon! Blending in seamlessly with the energy and the people who have come to celebrate alongside you. When I become besties with your wedding party, laugh with your aunties, dance alongside you into the night, that's when the magic happens! That's when you and your people forget there's a camera and start focusing on soaking in every minute of your day! 

My goal is to capture love in the way you would tell it and document the memories you’ll cherish forever. I will laugh alongside you, cry alongside you, let the day unfold in front of my lens while still directing intentional moments of your love story.  I don't want to stand back from your day and take a step in to photograph the moments I see,  I want to live with you in it and capture how it felt from someone who had just as much fun as you did!

Life and Soul of the party!

I'm your girl!!

If you're looking for a dancing queen, cake enthusiast, fantasy nerd, cat obsessed, bestie behind the camera....


So you want to
 know about 

I'm a solo traveller at my core! with a plane ticket and a carry on, I'm ready to gooo!

Cat mom to two buds! These dudes are the kings of my heart (and my apartment)

why all the oranges? It started as inside joke because I've actually despised oranges my whole life. I fell in love with the aesthetic but i don't want them or any of their juices near me!

My partner and I enjoy our time in both YYC & YVR while loving each other long distance!

But you want to know how i got into weddings??

The journey to pro hype girl

There were so many clues along the way that I was meant for this career but if you'd asked me if I thought being a professional wedding photographer and hype girl was in my future - I probably would have laughed in your face. Okay not actually because that would have been rude but there were so many directions in life that didn't feel like options while I was growing up. Maybe that's something you experienced as well, the pressure of picking a 'traditional career.' For me, that looked like starting a degree in Journalism right out of high school...

The journey to pro hype girl

...but let's roll it back!!! Remember those clues I was talking about? Imagine a little girl, absolutely enamoured with every wedding show on TLC, drawing wedding dresses in her spare time. Imagine a pre-teen taking her pink point and shoot camera and organizing photo shoots of her friends in the local park. She was a little wedding pro in the making, even if she didn't know it yet! 

But she was missing some key elements - she was shy, not comfortable with being in charge, scared of being silly in public. Those ended up coming with time & that Journalism degree...

The journey to pro hype girl

....I suppose it shouldn't be a shocker that a communications degree gave me the tools I needed to morph into my boss babe self. In school I didn't just learn how to use a DSLR camera, I learned that I loved telling other people's stories and diving head first into the lives of strangers! I got super comfy with initiating conversations and asking the right questions while also observing the world around me.

With those skills I promptly turned away from Journalism after graduating and entered the world of content creation for local Calgary businesses...

The journey to pro hype girl

...shout out to YYC Cycle for the job that helped me build my biz! While I worked part-time at the local spin studio doing their photos and social content, I started experimenting with photoshoot of friends in relationships. I posted their photos on Instagram and slowly people started reaching out...from there the ball was ROLLING!!! 

What started at one wedding the fall before COVID hit turned into building my business through a pandemic, quitting my day job and coming out the other side as a full blown wedding hype gal!  

p.s. I wouldn't change a thing

postcards from past weddings

"She went above & beyond our expectations on our wedding day by keeping us organized, on schedule and being our biggest hype woman. We received so many compliments about how amazing and attentive our photographer was, even when it came to the small details!"

Natasha & Jesse 

Not only is Nora a great photographer, but she is the ultimate hype girl! She made us both feel so comfortable on the day of our wedding, and we are so happy with how the photos turned out. 

Jen & Stu

Her attention to detail is outstanding, and you couldn't ask for a better person to have capture your special day! The energy she carries herself with makes everyone SHINE in front of the camera. Love you endlessly Nora."

Alexis & Renaud

I was very impressed with all the planning tools she provided us throughout the process. She was also very responsive and helpful when it came to timeline planning and wedding tips. Most importantly, she did an incredible job at helping us feel comfortable on the wedding day taking photos. It truly felt as though we had our friend alongside us capturing special moments.

Janelle & Alasdair