I am 28 years young, born and raised in Calgary, AB! I once swore I would leave behind our little cow town, but to say I've fallen in love with this city would be an understatement - the urban city living that spans both new and historic architecture, the ever upcoming list of hot spots to dine (and shoot at!), and the short drive to so many incredible landscapes! I've been shooting for 3 years here and keep finding new jaw dropping spots!

That's not to say the travel bug didn't bite me hard! I'm always booking flights to my next destination, whether that's out west to visit my better half, south to some of the eccentric cities in the states, or my fave...over to Europe to bask in it's history and culture!! I love to travel for weddings and elopements, it feeds my wanderlust while letting me capture your precious memories in far off places! Wherever you'll have me to celebrate a new chapter of your love story, I'll be there!!

hopeless romantic, cat lover, and fantasy nerd


you're looking for a photographer who will feel more like a bestie than a stranger behind the lens, and who will be with you every step of the way in capturing your memories authentically. If you love feeling like your love is a movie scene, if music makes you dance and you want to giggle the whole time we are together!


It's not about a camera and it's definitely not about posing, it's about who you are as a couple, your quirks, jokes, and laughter. I want to get to know you and I want you to feel like you know me, so by the time I whip my camera out you won't even notice it's there. My guarantee to you is that there will be no prom posing (unless ironic), I will have you running around (likely into each others arms) and (fingers crossed) be in endless fits of laughter by your side while capturing all the little moments in-between.

Photography is moments turned into memories. I am here to be right alongside the romantics, the dreamers, & the people whose visions for their memories are a true reflection of their unique love.

My photography approach is about having your photos be less posed & more authentic, moments being less planned and more documented & your day, less about perfection and more about honest emotion. It is the ever lasting dance of taking a step back to see the big picture where moments breathe and then taking a step in to capture the fleeting details you might not remember. I wait to see the tears in your eyes, the way your hands find each other in quiet moments, how you come together when the music hits, and the smiles shared from across the crowded room.

My goal is to capture love in the way you would tell it and document the memories you’ll cherish forever. I will laugh alongside you, cry alongside you, let the day unfold in front of my lens and direct intentional moments of your love story. If you’re vibing with me and my way of capturing love, I would be honoured to hear from you and be a part of this chapter in your love story.





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Pride, ambition, and cunning might be the traits you know Slytherins for but what I find more true about being a Slytherin is that I'm fiercely protective of my own. My friends, my family, my couples, these are the people who I will go every extra mile for against all odds. Being a Slytherin also means I'm a little villainous to those who come at the ones I love.... so give me names yall! 


Well actually physical touch and quality time are my love languages BUT there's nothing I adore more than creating playlists for every mood, event, trip, session, you name it! I bring music to all my sessions to set a mood but you better bet I'll be singing and dancing along with you. 

Blasphemy, I know!! Born and raised in Calgary you would think my heart should belong to the peaks & valleys of the Rockies but the seaside is where my heart comes alive. Don't get me wrong I LOVE heading to the mountains to adventure with my couples but when they ask me to travel west and celebrate with them by the water, well you can imagine just how quickly I'll hop on the plane!

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